Respect Minnesota is a positive, impartial initiative that was developed during the planning and permitting process of the Line 3 Replacement Project. It is centered on a pledge to honor and respect people and their opinions and to provide a safe environment for everyone.

Respect Minnesota aims to spread a message of respect among workers, communities, businesses, organizations, residents and visitors alike – especially when there’s a difference of opinion.

Our mission is to find common ground, honor freedom of speech and generate a climate of understanding and respect for all.

Led by the Local 49 Operating Engineers and their union peers, Respect Minnesota has truly been a grassroots effort. It began with a conversation about how to elevate respect during large infrastructure projects like Line 3 to ensure that everyone would be respected during the process.

Since then, hundreds of meetings have taken place in union halls, cafes, and conference rooms to spread the message. Thousands have taken the pledge including chambers, businesses, municipalities, trade organizations and everyday citizens. Enbridge has also committed that all employees and contractors working on Line 3 will review and take the Respect Minnesota pledge.

All are invited and encouraged to take the pledge. Regardless of opinion, the pledge is a way to find common ground and take a meaningful step toward respecting one another, our views and our surroundings.