Minnesotans are passionate about the history of the state and are invested in leaving a great state for future generations.  Respect Minnesota was founded to create a broader community view to bring people together and ensure that citizens of Minnesota will be respected.  This effort will establish clear values on how to collaborate and create a safe working environment.

Respect Minnesota Values

Show and Give Respect

  • Respect Minnesota is about honoring and respecting other people and their opinions, especially in the midst of a disagreement.  This includes respecting the rights of people to safely do their jobs, to operate their businesses, to utilize and enjoy their property and engage with their community.
Be Inclusive

  • Respect Minnesota means we welcome all groups of citizens to respectful conversation.
Committed to Common Ground

  • Respect Minnesota looks for opportunities to agree and move forward together.
Accepting of Responsibility

  • Respect Minnesota means being accountable for our words and actions.
Willing to Listen

  • Respect Minnesota means focusing on others in order to better understand their points of view, their opinions, and thoughts.
Respecting the Environment

  • Respect Minnesota recognizes the importance of protecting and respecting the environment.
Respecting the Process and the People Who Make it Work

  • Respect Minnesota means respecting the people in agencies and in other roles and the work they do to serve the public through these local, state and federal processes.